Presenting Electronic Equipment Logbook, complying with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, a simple yet controlled platform for all Pharmaceutical manufacturing to manage logbooks, digitally.

Complying with GMP guidelines, Electronic Equipment Logbook provides capability of defining workflow, SOPs on areas or equipment and building validation control points. Intelligence in system alerts in case there is a deviation from laid procedures, thus saves huge cost and efforts in production environment.

Being a digital platform, it eliminates use of paper logs and further provides analytics for operational efficiency improvements. Analytics gives a multi-dimensional insight on downtime, efficiencies, skills and various other attributes.

Key Feature

  • 100% elimination of paper & manual paper entry
  • 100% elimination of misplacing of logbooks
  • Enforcing GMP Compliance
  • Ensures data integrity
  • Audit trail and automatic back-ups
  • Controlled equipment elog sheet
  • Integrated Workflow (Maker & Checker) – eliminates need of physical presence of two resources
  • Integration capability with external applications like LIMS, ERP
  • Maintain batches under production
  • Maintain calibration, Inspection Breakdown & Preventive maintenance logs
  • Maintain Equipment cleaning & usage logs
  • Sanitation process management
  • Manage Area, Rooms, Equipment
  • Manage SOPs – Enforce job sequence of activities
  • Facilitate shift handover
  • View, print & export capabilities
  • Report & Dashboard – trend analysis
  • User access control
  • Alert & Event Notification
  • Cloud & SaaS Deployment
  • Supports localization
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